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Head Massage

Gonstead & Migraine

Journal of Chiropractic Medicine


The goal of a Gonstead practitioner is to get a patient back on the road to health as quickly as possible and to leave the patient alone. The principle of ‘find it, fix it, leave it alone’ is to get the spine and body in the optimum state to heal itself. This means not continuously booking a patient in every few days to adjust them, as this can be detrimental the health of the patient, their spine, and their body.


Chadstone Chiropractic strictly practices the Gonstead method. There are many methods or techniques in Chiropractic, but the Gonstead method is the least practiced as it takes a lot more patience and dedication to perfect.


Approximately only 1% of graduated Chiropractors commit themselves to the Gonstead system. As Gonstead practitioners we are well educated in the application of this technique and case management system. Beyond the 5 years of training it takes to become a Chiropractor, we also regularly attend Gonstead seminars.


At these seminars case studies are discussed, be further educated on technique, review new research and evidence and talk about advanced patient cases and conditions.

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